+How do I participate in the open Mic?

All of our open mics and jam sessions Sun/Tues/Wed allow you to participate simply by signing up on the list. There is no additional fee other than the price of admission. Everyone pays admission, even superstars. The list is made available near the front of the venue where you enter. Look for it...it's going to be a clipboard or just a printed page with numbered lines and the name of the event. Ask the doorman if you don't see it. When you find it, put pen to paper and you are on! Yeah, no, we don't do advance registration over the phone or online...we do it all AT THE VENUE. Everyone has the same shot. The amount of time you have will generally be the same for each open mic ≈ about 1 song/poem or 3-5 mins. Show up, sign up, blow our minds. Good luck.

"Can I play my track?", you ask. Why would you want to do that? No one wants to hear you lip synch to your recorded thumb drive/iphone. You do, we know, but we don't, and most people who come to a LIVE music venue don't because it's stoopid. Perform with a band or guitarist, then you might get us to notice. It's great stuff...we know, but this is Apache, and we do LIVE music. If you want to participate in one of the SHOWCASES where you CAN do that then check out these event: 1st Saturdays - Showtime ATL, 2nd Thursdays - Exposure Open Mic, 4th Fridays - Bar Exam. These are not Apache events. These are events created by promoters and Apache is the host venue and they are NOT stoopid. So if you must perform with your track, then do it right and hit them up. They have their own rules/fees and you should search our events page for them to find the info to contact them individually. We do not operate these events and so go forward and be brave, and don't put your lyrics on the damn track...I mean you intend to perform the track right, so we will hear you actually put the lyrics on there in real time ourselves, so we don't wanna hear them already, cause then we don't need you on the stage if they are already on there...unless you are like so beautiful or you do an amazing magic show while you are on stage.