Downtown Atlanta - behind the Aquarium. Located on Marietta St., between Simpson and Ivan Allen.

Ride Share is recommended!

Paid Parking is available in at least five different locations surrounding our location, this includes the following lots:

• 351 Marietta St NW.

• Gravel Parking lot directly across the street from our location - (monitored)

• GA Aquarium Parking Deck - Lucky Street Deck - 357 Luckie St NW

• Free Parking is available on-street in the neighborhood to the north of us, between Lucky St and Williams St.

At this time we strongly recommend you NOT park at Laz Parking. - 360 Marietta St.

Park smart. Do not leave valuables in your car.

+How do I book/rent the venue?

Send us an email. I mean, uh, haven't we all filled out enough "web forms" by now to know what is needed? So just email us. The less detailed info you send the longer it takes to determine what we are talking about, so just put ALL the info in there. We also can help you build your event with artists, DJs, musicians, photography, food, etc. Ask about our event services.

EMAIL : info@apachexlr.com

Allow a minimum seven days for us to get back to you. If you have a limited timeframe then just come by Apache, M-W 12pm-3:30pm. We get a lot of inquiries, so be patient otherwise.

+How do I participate in the open Mic?

All of our open mics and jam sessions Sun/Tues/Wed allow you to participate simply by signing up on the list. There is no additional fee other than the price of admission. Everyone pays admission, even superstars. The list is made available near the front of the venue where you enter. Look for it...it's going to be a clipboard or just a printed page with numbered lines and the name of the event. Ask the doorman if you don't see it. When you find it, put pen to paper and you are on! Yeah, no, we don't do advance registration over the phone or online...we do it all AT THE VENUE. Everyone has the same shot. The amount of time you have will generally be the same for each open mic ≈ about 1 song/poem or 3-5 mins. Show up, sign up, blow our minds. Good luck.

"Can I play my track?", you ask. Why would you want to do that? No one wants to hear you lip synch to your recorded thumb drive/iphone. You do, we know, but we don't, and most people who come to a LIVE music venue don't because it's stoopid. Perform with a band or guitarist, then you might get us to notice. It's great stuff...we know, but this is Apache, and we do LIVE music. If you want to participate in one of the SHOWCASES where you CAN do that then check out these event: 1st Saturdays - Showtime ATL, 2nd Thursdays - Exposure Open Mic, 4th Fridays - Bar Exam. These are not Apache events. These are events created by promoters and Apache is the host venue and they are NOT stoopid. So if you must perform with your track, then do it right and hit them up. They have their own rules/fees and you should search our events page for them to find the info to contact them individually. We do not operate these events and so go forward and be brave, and don't put your lyrics on the damn track...I mean you intend to perform the track right, so we will hear you actually put the lyrics on there in real time ourselves, so we don't wanna hear them already, cause then we don't need you on the stage if they are already on there...unless you are like so beautiful or you do an amazing magic show while you are on stage.

+ Can we come to the cafe to pay for a table reservation?

No. If you have not purchased, in advance, a table reservation online through Eventbrite.com then we suggest you arrive early to get a free, open, first-come-first-served (FCFS) table. We, 99.1% of the time, have tables available for FCFS. We, by default, do NOT put all of our tables up for advance reservation. Advance table reservations are simply a premium option for those who want to shop that way, delay their arrival until after doors open, and/or guarantee they have a seat. Note, other table policies do apply.

+ Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required to attend an event. Three factors determine the availability of an unreserved and available table.

  • Floor plan-- Not every event has tables for seating. Some events employ an open floor plan.

  • Demand-- Some events will sell out and there may not be any tables left unreserved.

  • Timing-- Some events may have few reserved tables and thus many tables left unreserved and available. If you arrive later expecting to get one of these tables, you may find that they have all been taken.

If you are serious about ensuring a table seat, then we encourage you to make a reservation. Getting here early is the next best way.

+ I called on Saturday to make a reservation and I left a message but no one called me back. What's up?

Tables reservations are made online only. Go to our ticket vendor Eventbrite.com and search 'Apache Cafe' to find our list of events. There you can click through to make a table reservation for a party of 2 or 3 people. You may also find a link to Eventbrite by clicking through to the date you want to attend on the Apache website 'Calendar'.

+ How do I display my art?

Please go to the contact page for details.

+ Do you guys serve food?

We do. We serve delectable southern contemporary fare and offer brunch during the day and dinner in the evening and we also have a full bar. Check our Google reviews! More details above in website menu bar.

+Is there a dress code?

No. There is no dress code. It's an artsy kind of venue though. Most people tend to dress up more than they dress down, but jeans are totally fine, and in the end just come in what makes YOU feel comfortable.

+Do you allow vending?

Vending is allowed but there is a $25 vending fee. There is a limit to the number of vendors we will allow. First come first serve. Not all events will accommodate vending. Call the cafe for more details.

+ Can my 16-year-old attend the open mic?

Most events are 18+ or 21+ only. On special occasion, some events are all ages. Please see the event calendar for more details.

+ Is there a drink minimum?

If you are sitting at a table there is a two (2) drink or 1 entree per person minimum.

+ What credit cards do you accept and can we pay for door admission with our credit or bank card?

We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover in the restaurant and bar. Event admission is separate and is CASH ONLY. We do have an ATM inside. The transaction fee for the ATM is $2.25.

+ Do you have coat check?

No we are too intimate to have room for coat check.

+ Do you do something special if we want to bring a birthday party?

We don't offer birthday packages at this time. We are pretty busy already, but you are on the right track by arranging a special night out at Apache, so feel free to put your special thang together with a table reservation, dinner, and a few special concoctions from the bar. You can bring non-metallic balloons and a table cover if you want as long as the balloons don't obstruct the sight lines of others. We do offer a complimentary birthday drink to anyone whose birthday is that night (show ID). There is a $25 cake fee if you want to bring your own cake into the restaurant.

+Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed on the patio and outside. Please use an ashtray.

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